Dafad Ddu (dafadddu) wrote in cerebralmusings,
Dafad Ddu

Who said this was a good thing?

What do I really hate about society?

You have to be skinny to be pretty.

How much hair a woman has on her body dictates how beautiful she is.

We have to mutilate ourselves with breast implants and nose jobs in order to fit into some fake ideal of what the human body should look like.

Wearing makeup makes you a woman, but having a tattoo makes you base.

Wearing leather is for goths and bikers, only silk and suede makes you look hot.

Blonde hair is beautiful, but green hair is just a teenager "acting out" against society.

Who the hell made up these stupid standards? Who the hell decided who we should be, what we should look like, what body parts are acceptable and which are not, what hair color is legal in schools and which is not, which body parts we can pierce and which body piercings are sick.

Why can anyone else BUT me decide who and what I am, who and what I can be, and what I can look like?

I don't want to be a robot or a sheep following some societal program, I want to be who I am.

Hair dyed red, tattoo on my shoulder, bad attitude and strong emotions. If you don't like it then fuck off, I am me whether you like it or not.

Whew, I'm done now.
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Yeah, Society is downright rotten. The reason is something called pride, and the last I checked it was still a deadly sin. See, even if you find someone who says they aren't held by these standards that you mentioned, ask them what they find attractive in someone else. You'll notice they will often times will double back on the very standards they preach against.

Some people are a bit looser in standards (this does not mean 'lower' standards, but are not basing appearance alone, or at all). These people can tell you they are attracted to a personality type and mean it. Granted, even some of these people tend to shy away from others, sometimes even based off of looks, since just about everyone has learned almost instinctively to try and remain aroun those who can support and/or protect you. Often times, this is something parents do when raising their child; they condition the child to try and hang around a certain type of other child in the interest of protecting them.

I'll admit, I'm one of the people who have a predefined set of standards, but my basis for these standards is truly personality. I don't find people attractive based on their physical appearance alone, but what their physical appearance tells me about them. For instance, you can look a person in the face and determine if they care about themselves or not. Or if they have a sense of humor. These are the things that I find appealing and I find that the more I observe people, the more I can determine their personalities by it.

Unfrotunately, it has come across as somewhat of an urban legend that women with green hair, tattoos, dressed in black, etc. are societal rebels and should be comsidered as a taboo relationship material except for others of "their kind" (as quoted by a friend of mine which made me rather angry. This kind of speak seperates a group of people from the norm and automatically there is biasness.). The fact is, some people tend to be rebels, others choose the style because they didn't fit in in other social circles so decied to go for one that society deems as the "outcast circle" (Also quoted from same friend). Then there are the people who choose it because they like the way it looks, and those are some of the happiest people I know.

So do what makes you happy, and ignore those who attempt to disengage you from that. (Unless serial killing makes you happy, then you might want to consider therapy) Treat people as you would want them to treat you. And if someone does try to dissuade you from your own path to happiness, explain to them that they can just kiss your ass, because you certainly aren't going to stand there with them trying to block other's happiness if they are anal enough to do so.
there are always going to be societal norms...who decides?-- the majority...they decide if blond hair is more of an acceptable look than say green...I have always been moved by the 'not so norm'..I find the not so norm much more interesting..What I wonder is if the norm became green blue hair whatever color hair except for the color you were born with..would I find it so attractive?...Would I be offended that the not so norm has become the norm...lol.
Even when I say things like this..I find I still crave the individual in me to shine...and I guess a part of me in some ways find wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt most utterly boring..but it would never stop me from being another's friend just because their style clashes with mine..thats who they are-right...and as far as make up making you a woman -there are others who think wearing make up means you are insecure..I freakin adore make up...don't hate me or even think I am insecure...It's when people make decisions on your appearance rather than on your personality that is so appaling..So they don't like you for this reason or that reason appearance wise...guess what..
there was a day when having green hair was punk rock and with it came a certain attitude-you know what?...I like that attitude...it was *-be yourself._*.. with a side dish of fuck off..if you can find who that is you won't care about the norm..be glad they are just a bunch of polluted advertisements reminding you of who you don't want to be..and when you are yourself they won't seem like advertisements of who they want you to be...because you will already know who you are...so feel good that you aren't a part of what you are apposed to!
I stumbled across this community. Very nice.

And I agree wholeheartedly with you. Our society has very odd and unfair "standards" for to the female body. Many of which are just downright ridiculous.

I think it's beautiful for a woman to have curves to them. I think when it's worn in the right way, leather can be very attractive, and I don't really much care for silk or suede. I like hair dyed in wild colors.

Although, I am blonde, and the only way I get green hair is from a pool. But it doesn't look cool.. It looks more like a gnome puked on my head. If I used dye, though, it would be cool.

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling now.